Do Septum Piercings Hurt? Everything You Should Know about Them


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Everything You Should Know about Them

While they were only seen on punk stars a few years ago, septum piercings are now quite popular among the most stylish celebrities.

Hollywood stars such as Bella Thorne, Chloë Graze Moretz, Willow Smith, Zoë Kravitz, Rihanna, and Zendaya have been spotted wearing either fake or legitimate nose rings.

Septum piercings, also called bull nose rings, are no longer unique in edgy trends but still set tongues wagging. Besides, there are many doubts about them.

Do septum piercings hurt? How long do they take to heal? If you want to get the answer to those questions, keep reading!

Here, you can find all the septum-related things you need to know if you want to rock a nose ring.

What Should I Consider Before Getting a Septum Piercing Done?

As its name implies, a septum piercing goes through the nasal septum, a small area between the nostrils.

The body artist pierces that bit of flesh between the nostrils with a needle and then places the jewelry. You can choose from small rings and horseshoes to exotic bars with stones.

Also, the term “bull nose piercing” describes when people wear hoop-shaped jewelry on their septa, resembling well-known cartoon bulls.

Nose rings are very similar to other piercings. However, the methods and techniques may vary a bit. If you have a deviated septum, getting a centered and symmetrical piercing may be impossible.

Also, all noses are unique and different. Some people’s septa may not have a columella, a strip of fleshy tissue that joins the nasal tip to the base.

Piercers often use that small piece of flesh sitting in front of the cartilage for nose rings. Therefore, if you don’t have that sweet spot or it is thinner, you could be in more pain or have a piercing that takes longer to heal.

Do Septum Piercings Hurt?

How Painful Are Septum Piercings and septum piercing take to heal

Before getting a new piercing, everyone wonders: Do septum piercings hurt? What is its pain level? However, it is essential to remember that each person has their own pain tolerance. In other words, no two individuals experience the same discomfort after getting nose rings.

Most septum piercings are uncomfortable. However, they generally cause less pain than those performed on other body parts, such as the earlobes. Actually, many people say that nose rings do not cause pain but rather a strange or unusual sensation like the urge to sneeze.

Also, body artists don’t usually pierce the cartilage but the columella. This soft, supple area of ​​skin near the tip of the nostrils is known as a sweet spot and does not cause pain.

If you go to a good piercer who hits the soft spot right in the center, you’ll only have teary eyes and mild discomfort. However, if the body artist accidentally goes through the cartilage, you may feel a strong and painful pinch.

Do septum piercings hurt? You should also do your best to relax, as being tense can increase discomfort. Take a deep breath before the process, close your eyes if you feel comfortable, and think that the pinching pain only lasts a second or less.

The first few days after the piercing, you can expect slight discomfort at your nose’s tip, but be careful! Increased pain and tenderness could be signs of an infection or related complications.

How Is a Septum Piercing Done?

The first step in getting a septum piercing is choosing a body artist. When you arrive at the piercing salon on the appointed day, you should lie down on a recliner or stretcher and relax.

Although you may feel tense and somewhat anxious, relaxing can help you better control your body to avoid sudden movements that could affect the piercer’s work.

The body artist must then disinfect and prepare the area inside the nostrils where the jewelry will be placed. After that, the expert performs the procedure, which only takes about two minutes from start to finish.

At this stage, the specialist may use only a needle to pierce the nose ring freehand. The piercer can also use the forceps technique, holding the nostrils open before hitting the columella.

Other experts employ a hollow tube. Also known as receiving pipe, it supports the nasal tissue on one side while clearing the way for the needle to pass through the other.

Finally, the body artist slides and secures your chosen jewelry through the opening while carefully pulling the needle out.

Do you want to wear an original nose ring? Do septum piercings hurt? You can get a septum piercing done in the blink of an eye!

Do Septum Piercings Hurt?

Are Septum Piercings Safe? septum piercing do piercings

Do septum piercings hurt? Bull nose piercings are safe as long as you choose your piercer wisely and take the necessary precautionary measures.

First, make sure you’re getting pierced at a clean studio with a licensed expert. If you choose a person who really knows what they are doing, the process will be safe and hygienic.

Sanitary procedures during the piercing process are also non-negotiable. While the techniques may be different, all piercers should take safety measures, wear clean disposable gloves, use sterile needles and equipment, and thoroughly disinfect both nostrils.

Post-piercing care is also crucial. To prevent infection, clean the septum with a saline spray or another product that promotes healing. The piercer usually gives clear instructions on what to use to disinfect the area.

How Long Does It Take for a Septum Piercing to Heal?

septum piercing pain scale 1-10? Each person can experience different recovery times. The septum usually does most of its healing in the first three months after the piercing. However, some people can have fully-healed piercings in eight months.

In either case, the piercer provides specific care instructions to follow. How quickly it heals depends on how well you follow such directions and your overall health.

Most piercing experts recommend trying to leave the septum ring alone. The more you touch it, the longer it’ll take to heal. Also, you must wash your hands with soap or another disinfectant product before handling your nose to avoid transferring bacteria.

The best product for cleaning septum piercings is packaged or homemade saline solution. Avoid products with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide and soaps that are high in harsh ingredients like iodine or triclosan.

Moreover, you must keep in mind that the entire nose piercing should not be washed excessively. Limit cleaning to three times a day or as directed by your piercer, and be careful when blowing your nose.

Many people choose nose rings because they are easy to hide. With just a twist up, the piercing can be hidden from view.

However, turning a septum piercing while it’s healing is not recommended. Avoid touching and messing with the area to prevent infection and bleeding.

When Can I Change My Septum Piercing?

Do septum piercings hurt? Don’t rush! Many people love to change their piercing jewelry from week to week. However, you should wait for the area to heal entirely before swapping your horseshoe-style hoop for a more daring barbell.

You may consider visiting your piercer one more time to get all the information you need to know or make the switch. If you don’t have time to go out, it shouldn’t be difficult to do it at home. In either case, you should wait a reasonable period before handling your piercing.

Since there are many types of jewelry, it’s also crucial that you seek specific advice on each before deciding on the one you want to wear. Remember that, depending on its primary material, each piece requires different care.

Also, the same health and safety rules for piercings apply when you want to change the jewelry at home or in the body art studio.

Can My Septum Piercing Smell Bad?

Do septum piercings hurt? how long does a septum piercing take to heal? Some people with septum piercings may notice strange odors even after the area has fully healed. That’s known as “septum funk.”

If you don’t notice signs of infection like pus or blood, the smell may be due to a buildup of dead cells and fluids produced by the body trying to heal itself. Of course, if the piercing is right on your nostrils, any odor will be more noticeable.

Nonetheless, you can limit the odor by cleaning the nose ring as directed by the body artist and updating the jewelry if necessary – wood or glass pieces require changes from time to time.

Septum Piercings: Signs of a Problem

Do septum piercings hurt? what does a septum piercing say about you? The risks of developing infections or other conditions after getting a nose piercing are low. However, you should be alert and seek professional help if you experience severe or worsening pain, itching, and other symptoms.

Thick green, yellow, or gray discharge or pus can also suggest something is going wrong.

You should also see your health care provider if you experience pressure, redness or swelling, fever, or chills. Other signs to watch out for are lumps, thickened tissue around the piercing, thinning, or scaling.

Final Thoughts: Should I Get My Septum Pierced?

Does a septum piercing hurt more than a tattoo? The decision is up to you! Do septum piercings hurt? If you feel ready to get it done and have found a reliable piercing salon, you’re only a few steps away from showing off your nose ring.

Once you are sure that the septum piercing is for you, just relax, take a deep breath, and choose the jewel you like the most.

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