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The Benefits of Choosing a Fake Septum Piercing

Getting a gold septum piercing is a great way to give you that edgy and alternative appearance and can add style and flair to your life. However, you may not want to commit to such a nose ring, especially if you’re not sure it fits your face.

One thing you can do is to consider faux options. They often look real and give the rewards of having the piercing. However, they ensure that you can live a comfortable life without all the hassles of a nose ring. Find out about the many benefits to see if it’s something you want for yourself!

What Are Fake Septum Rings?

Gold fake septum rings look similar to the real item. However, you don’t have to get a piercing in your nose. Generally, septum piercings go into the nostril but under the cartilage. That way, it hurts less and is safer. However, most people worry that it might not look like they expected or that they don’t love it like they thought they might.

If you’re not ready to get your septum pierced, that doesn’t mean you have no options. You may continue to wear a faux ring for as long as you want and never have to take the plunge if you don’t wish to do so.

How Fake Septum Piercings Differ from Real Ones

When piercing the septum, a professional uses a needle or a device to punch a hole into the nose. It must be done at the right location, often called the sweet spot, because it could hurt a lot and cause sinus problems if they do it incorrectly.

Overall, it’s a huge commitment from you because you have to keep it clean, learn how to remove it and add new rings, and worry about infections.

Instead, other options are available. Many people choose to use a fake septum piercing because it looks like the real deal but just presses against the nostrils. It’s not permanent and can be removed whenever you wish.

fake septum piercing

What Materials Are Used for Fake Piercings?

Typically, they’re made of stainless steel or plastic, but you have other options, depending on where you buy the product. Some people even make their own faux rings, so they’re definitely trending.

Generally, you require crafting wire, paint for color, and more. Most craft stores sell these items, so they’re readily available. Still, a faux gold septum piercing is often the most popular choice. Gold goes with everything, and it looks realistic and fits smoothly and comfortably.

Select the materials and options that work well for your needs. That way, you get what you expected. When shopping online, it might be wise to use filters to sort through the many products. That way, you can spend time focusing on the ones you like best.

Benefits of a Fake Septum Ring

Before you open your browser, create your account, and check the best sellers from your favorite shop, it’s a good idea to understand the many benefits of faux gold septum rings. That way, you can decide if you’re ready for a real piercing or determine that the style doesn’t meet your needs.

No Needles

Many people have a fear of needles and injections (trypanophobia). Roughly 20 percent of those with the phobia avoid any medical procedures that involve this requirement. Therefore, they rarely seek out a real piercing or tattoo because they can’t handle the stress of seeing or feeling the needle.

If you can’t handle the commitment or pain that piercing the septum involves, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. There are many other options, such as the faux ring. In fact, they’ve got various fake accessories, such as ear cuffs and nipple rings, too.

They often blend well with the body and look just as good as the real deal. With that, they are clipped on or held in place using a magnet, so you can love the look, access the styles you want, and not have to deal with needles and injections!

No Infection Risk

When getting a septum piercing, a piercer must make small punctures in the skin. That could draw blood, putting you at risk for an infection. Sure, you may love how rose gold rings look, but you don’t want to hurt your nose or get sick.

Generally, it happens when the wound isn’t cleaned, so bacteria get inside and multiply. However, the professional might not practice good hygiene for themselves or their shop, which causes bacteria to grow.

You could get many infections, such as Hepatitis B, HIV, and STIs, because of this. However, there’s no risk of infection at the injection site if you’re using a faux ring!

No Upsetting the Family (or Job)

While your friends might love the new nose piercing, your family or employer might not. Most parents freak out when they see the ring, but they might not worry as much if it’s fake.

Many employers have specific rules in place about visible modification artwork. If you can hide the tattoo or piercing, it’s no big deal. However, with septum options, you can’t easily conceal it. Still, a fake clip can be taken out when you’re at work and put back on when you’re done.

Not Permanent

A piercing is a huge commitment because you have to take the time to let it heal and clean it thoroughly. What happens if your preferences change and you no longer like the look of your metal septum ring?

You may get compliments initially, but people may get used to you wearing the ring. With that, you might decide you don’t love it anymore and are stuck with those holes in your nose for the rest of your life! That doesn’t happen with a faux ring!

Try Different Styles

Most people like to experiment with their clothing, shoes, and other accessories. You’ve got tons of options, so you may want to play around with the nose ring to see if it fits your current style.

Purchase a new style to see how many compliments you get. From there, you can figure out your personal preferences for when you’re ready to get it done for real.

Consider wearing it for a new date and see what they think of it, too!

Less Care Involved

When you get a faux gold or metal septum ring, you don’t have to spend so much time cleaning it. It often takes eight weeks or longer to heal, so you’re stuck wiping it with saline solution twice a day or more. Plus, you’ve got to be careful when changing clothes, sneezing, blowing your nose, and kissing others. Faux items don’t have those care issues.

Lower Price

The price of your piercing depends on many things, such as where you go, who you choose to do the work, and the material you pick.

Generally, gold has a higher price than others, but faux rings cost a lot less than the real thing.

Potential Cons of a Fake Septum Piercing

The one downfall of these items is that they could be uncomfortable or fall out. Therefore, you’re likely to get a real piercing if you love the look.


With so many options out there, you might consider faux septum rings if you aren’t ready to get the real thing. However, once you purchase one or two fake rings, you may like them so much. That’s a sign that it’s time to go for a permanent version. You’ve found something that looks good and makes you feel happy, so go with it!

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