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Are your looking for helix piercing sizes? You’re not the only one who wonders what size hoop to get for a helix piercing. You can take the measurement at home using just a few basic tools.

a piece of paper and a ruler are both required to measure your helix earrings. You could also use a caliper if you have one. You should also be aware of the gauge you wear before buying any jewelry because you probably won’t be able to measure it yourself. Helix piercing is the correct name for an upper ear cartilage piercing.

What helix piercing sizes do you get start with?

Helix piercing sizes are typically performed at a 16G size, while some are performed at a gauge of 14. The gauge you wear can be less than the recommended size if you did not get it professionally done at a piercer and instead got your ear pierced somewhere that employs a piercing gun. For instance, it’s not unusual to see someone with an upper cartilage piercing who wears 20 gauge or 18 gauge jewelry because they had it done at the mall.

For simpler aftercare and faster healing, studs are frequently the first piece of jewelry used in helix piercings. Remember that the first piercing jewelry is always longer (or, in the case of a hoop, has a larger inner diameter) than you will actually wear once it has healed since there needs to be adequate room for any swelling that may occur later.

Helix Piercing Sizes

What helix piercing sizes are considered standard?

best practice for helix piercing sizes? There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to cartilage piercings, which is why I never provide a “normal” size when asked. When choosing helix hoop size online, I strongly advise measuring your piercing or at the very least the inner diameter of a hoop that currently fits comfortably. This will ensure that you are purchasing the correct size.

How do I measure my helix piercing?

  • looking for helix piercing sizes? If you’re unsure of the inner diameter of the hoops you wear, don’t worry! It is simple to take the measurement at home. A little piece of paper, a fine-tipped marker, and a ruler are required. The paper’s edge should be aligned with your outer ear. Now, make a line on the paper where your piercing is and compare the measured area to a ruler. It is more precise to use a piece of paper like this than to just hold a ruler to your ear in front of a mirror.
  • Hold the paper up to a ruler when you’ve finished marking it, and count the milleters:

The hoop’s fit will depend on the angle at which you hold the paper strip. If you take your measurement along a straight horizontal line, the result will be near to the lowest inner diameter you can wear comfortably and will fit your piercing. Alternately, if you take your measurements along a diagonal line, the result will be a hoop that fits loosely.

What gauge is my helix piercing?

what are the helix piercing sizes

Your jewelry’s gauge describes how thick the metal is. I would strongly advise contacting your piercer for assistance if you are unsure about the gauge used to pierce your ear. Even while you can easily determine your inner diameter at home using only a ruler, you cannot use a ruler to determine the gauge of an existing pair of earrings.

If you wish to take this measurement correctly at home, you will need a caliper (or a micrometer). If you wind up buying the wrong gauge, keep in mind that you should never attempt to forcefully insert a piece of jewelry that is too thick.

If you have a caliper, you can use the bottom jaws designed for taking measures from the outside to determine how thick an existing piece of jewelry is. The following thicknesses (sizes are approximations) may be encountered/ helix piercing length mm: 20 gauge (0.81mm), 18 gauge (1.0mm), 16 gauge (1.2mm), and 14 gauge (1.6mm).

What Is a Helix Piercing?

The curving outer rim of the outer ear cartilage is known as the helix. Anywhere from the peak of the curve to the beginning of the earlobe is a possible location for a helix piercing. Helix piercing also falls under other categories.

Forward helix piercings are those that are made between the peak of the curve and the tragus. Some people even receive double or triple helix piercings, which are many helix piercings placed closely together.

My Helix piercing is tight, What to do ?

Although it can, your helix jewelry should not be too snug. Your jewelry shouldn’t ever put any strain on the piercing. Both hoops and studs worn in your ear fall within this category. You should remove your helix piercing and get a new one if you experience that. usually 6mm helix hoop is very tight measurement for helix.

helix piercing size

What is the best metal for helix piercing?

Titanium and niobium are two of the best metals for sensitive ears and piercings in general. Both materials are extremely biocompatible, corrosion-resistant, and nickel-free when used as body jewelry. They are both regarded as hypoallergenic, which simply implies that most wearers are not likely to experience an allergic reaction.

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