How Much Does a Septum Piercing Cost? Everything You Need to Know


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Most people aren’t really aware how much does a septum piercing cost. the septum piercing prices aren’t necessarily as straightforward as they should be. You might only think about getting a stainless steel ring, but you decide while you’re at the studio to go with something else, which raises the cost of your septum piercing.

Many factors go into the final costs, and they vary depending on the nasal septum piercing process itself and the jewelry you choose for your nose.

Therefore, it’s crucial to have a septum piercing guide that gives you a better idea of the price ranges you should expect while at a reputable piercing studio. With that, you should understand the price alone should not be the ultimate decider of whether you get a piercing or the piercer you choose to do the work. Other factors, such as shop hygiene and the piercer’s reputation are often more important then how much does a septum piercing cost.

Do Septum Piercings Hurt?

Depending on the septum piercing placement, you may find that the piercing itself hurts. This is normal, especially if you have sensitive skin. However, most professionals know how to reduce swelling and reduce the painful experience so that you have fun during the event.

Still, you must follow the aftercare routine provided. Yes, a needle is used, and it must pierce through the cartilage of the nose. Infection is possible if you don’t let the site heal thoroughly.

Issues with aftercare can lead to a white discharge, scarring, or a severe infection where the hole tries to close up. Therefore, it’s best to use warm water and clean the piercing to avoid an uncomfortable situation where bacteria can get into the body.

Average Cost of Having Your Septum Pierced

How Much Does a Septum Piercing Cost? Expect to pay about $40 to $90 on average for your septum piercing. This usually includes the cost of jewelry. However, it’s a standard practice to give a tip after getting a septum piercing. Remember, body piercing professionals offer a service, so the gratuity indicates that you’re happy with the results and appreciate the excellent job they did!

Factors Involved for Septum Piercing Prices

It’s best to shop around at different piercing studios before deciding on your professional. You’re sure to get varied answers about the cost to get the nose piercing.

Most people wonder why these nose piercings are so varied; here are a few of the reasons:

Piercer Experience

Most piercers have different levels of experience. One might have been doing this job for 10 years, while the other started only six months ago. Experienced piercers have been in the industry longer, so they are likely to charge a higher price. This makes sense because they’re good at what they do and don’t have as many issues as rookies.

You should also think about how often the experienced piercer performs septum piercings. You may not realize it, but the septum is quite hard to pierce correctly. Professional piercers must go under the cartilage in the nose so that they don’t hit the nostril.

Sometimes, prices vary between piercers in the same studio because of their experience. However, a slight change shouldn’t matter that much.

Do septum piercings hurt? Generally, they are more painful than a standard nose piercing, and you must worry about septum funk. That can make the eyes water, cause more pain, and even leave a scar or cause the holes to become infected. Therefore, you should not ask a friend to grab a needle and receiving tube and do it for free. Professionals can lessen the discomfort or use a special device, which promotes a faster healing period.

Studio Exposure

Well-known studios often charge more money. You might be tempted to go with a place that has lower prices, but you must be able to trust it. Popular studios have to follow appropriate hygiene and safety practices and work solely with experienced professionals to uphold their reputation.

Often, a difference of a few dollars isn’t that much when you can enjoy your jewelry for many years to come!

Studio Location

Studios in highly populated areas likely have more traffic from their customers than those in small towns. Therefore, smaller cities don’t have that big demand. You may have to pay more to go to the city, but you often have a better experience.

Busy studios compete with others and must stand out from the crowd. Therefore, you’re paying for the ambiance and overall experience to get your piercings.


As you start searching for piercing studios in your area, ask the receptionist if the price you pay includes the jewelry. Some places use a flat fee scale to give you basic jewelry and the piercing.

However, if you want cool jewelry you probably have to pay extra for that. That’s considered standard in the industry, so there’s no big deal.

Most people decide to wait to buy exciting options until their piercing has fully healed.

Extra Purchases

Piercing studios tend to have items you can buy at the shop, such as aftercare needs. The professional should recommend options, and it’s best to go with them so that you can clean your septum piercing properly with saline solution. that is the reson we created this “how much does a septum piercing cost?” guide.

Aftercare spray is often recommended, and you can find vegan varieties that are additive and alcohol-free. Plus, it works on a variety of skin types and mists for easier application. If you use it at the start of the process, it might decrease your healing time and reduce soreness and pain.

While you’re at the studio getting your septum piercing, you may consider buying other jewelry. The piercer can help you find the right pieces that work for you. Typical jewelry worn in the septum includes a circular barbell, a hoop, a horseshoe shape, captive bead rings, or septum clickers.

Plus, they come in various metal styles, such as titanium, gold, or silver.

Those who want to stretch their septum piercings at some point might prefer a larger gauge. You should be given a septum ring size chart to help you understand the many options available. However, the piercing must be fully healed before you start stretching it. Standard sizes include 16 and 14 gauge.

Why Cheaper Prices Aren’t Necessarily the Best Choice

So, how much does a septum piercing cost? Experience matters for septum piercings, especially when compared to a traditional earlobe piercing. Therefore, you need them to hit the sweet spot (columella,) so you aren’t getting pierced too low or through the cartilage. It could be more painful that way.

If you go with someone cheap for your septum piercing, they may not have a hygienic work environment or understand that stainless steel and other metals are appropriate. Most people prefer a gold septum ring, but surgical steel is also a great option. Stainless steel contains alloys, but they stay inside the metal and can’t be released into the body. Titanium is often used for such piercings, too, but they are more expensive!

so how much does a septum piercing cost

Potential Discounts Available

It’s okay to search for deals to get a better price at the piercing studio. Sometimes, you might find these discounts:

  • Student discount
  • Multiple piercing discount
  • Old piercings and re-piercings discount
  • BOGO

Conclusion for how much does a septum piercing cost.

Generally, a new septum piercing doesn’t set you back that much. However, it depends on how fancy the jewelry is. Most people stick to the basics, like stainless steel or gold, opting for titanium after the healing period ends.

When you spend enough on a professional and appropriate materials, you can flaunt your piercing without being in pain or having swollen nostrils and an infection. It’s definitely worth the added cost to go to an expert!

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