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Are you looking for labret piercing sizes? The lip piercing and the labret both offer comparable jewelry possibilities. Because it is in the center of the lip and would require a very large ring to account for swelling, the labret is typically punctured with a flat back barbell. The labret is often pierced with a 16 or 14 gauge needle, while some people can have it done with an 18 gauge. Because they are thicker and come in more jewelry possibilities, the 16 gauge and 14 gauge tend to function better.

labret piercing sizes are 7/16″ or 3/8″ in length, among other lengths. Men and women frequently get their ears pierced using a 7/16″ and a 3/8″ respectively. This is based on your anatomy, which will be determined by your piercer prior to the piercing. Because they are on the longer side and provide the piercing greater room to enlarge, both of these lengths are effective. The swelling should start to go down after the first 1-2 weeks, and you can decrease the jewelry after 3–4 weeks.

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Labret Piercing Sizes – Aftercare & Homecare

Once in the morning and once at night would be the optimum cleaning regimen. Go to your neighborhood pharmacy or grocery shop after receiving your piercing and buy a gallon of distilled water and non-iodized sea salt. Make sure the water is distilled and that you are not using any other kind of water in its place (I.E. tap water). The only ingredient listed on a bottle of non-iodized sea salt should be sea salt. When you come home, combine a gallon of distilled water with four teaspoons of non-iodized sea salt, and shake well.

How long do labret piercing takes to heal?

Cleaning the inside and outside of the piercing 1-2 times a day is crucial during the healing process, which takes about 2-3 months for the lip piercing.

Pour a small amount of this solution into a shot glass or coffee mug before cleaning your piercing. To prevent the solution from becoming contaminated, only use glass or porcelain glasses. Paper and plastic cups should never be used. You want the solution to be lukewarm or body temperature, so microwave it for a little period of time.

It could take a few tries to obtain the right temperature since every microwave is different. Put the glass up to your piercing when the temperature is optimum and immerse it for 7 to 15 minutes. Take some of the solution (in a fresh cup) and give it a 30-second swish in your mouth once you’ve finished soaking the outside. After eating, drinking, or smoking, one should brush their teeth inside of their mouth. For cleaning on the fly, you can take the gallon of solution and pour it into a smaller, empty water bottle.

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Things to stay away from after getting a labret piercing

Maintaining minimal movement is crucial when striving to repair a lip piercing. You shouldn’t manipulate it with your hands, mouth, or any other object. The healing process is impeded to a greater extent the more movement the piercing has. Movement can result in an accumulation of scar tissue and infection. Stay away from public swimming pools, Jacuzzis, lakes, and ponds while you’re recovering. Limiting kissing and other oral contact is especially recommended because this piercing is on the lip.

Make sure you use clean hands whenever you need to touch the piercing. Avoid using any bottle cleaners, including alcohol, Neosporin, Bactine, and hydrogen peroxide. These cleansers frequently use harsh chemicals that might cause more harm than good. The only form of cleanser required for this piercing should be a saline bath after the aftercare.

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Thinking about getting a new labret piercing?

A labret piercing may be the ideal option for you, depending on the sort of piercing you are receiving. During the healing process, your local piercer can assist you in deciding on the ideal piercing style for your first piercing.

You can read our article about labret piercing sizes first if you want to learn more about getting pierced.

What’s the Best Metal to Choose when choosing a Labret Piercing sizes?

In your search for the right labret piercing sizes, consider the metal. Gold and sterling silver are popular, but titanium and niobium are also good.

Whether you like 14G or another gauge, we’ve got standard jewelry sizes. You can search for a barbell style. Remember, gauge is only part of it, and the jewelry you choose is important for aesthetics and more for septum piercing sizes you can see the whole labret piercing images on Pinterest.

Disclaimer: Please see a professional piercer or a medical expert if you have any questions or concerns regarding a piercing.

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