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about our septum rings 2021 collection

Septum Jewelry: Why Shop Teegono

It seems that everyone wants to have septum jewelry, and the piercings look cool and are unique. You can ultimately add an edge to your appearance and customize it based on your specific needs. It’s possible to be classic, outrageous, go or something small, or choose something big.

There are so many options for body jewelry, so what makes Teegono so popular? When you receive a nose piercing, you have to keep the rings in there so that the hole doesn’t close. While you can use the same septum rings every day, you may want to go for a different look. Once you become a customer of Teegono, you’re going to be impressed with the many options available. There’s a size for everyone, and you even have free shipping when you create an account.

What Is Teegono?

Teegono has a ton of unique septum art and jewelry. Just add to cart, and you’re on your way to enjoying septum rings. That way, the hole doesn’t close, and you look amazing!

Reasons to Shop Teegono

The ultimate reason to choose Teegono is so that the hole doesn’t close up on you. You probably spend a lot of money on your piercings, so you want to ensure that you can wear different septum rings throughout the years.

We have many categories from which to choose. You can search based on the metal, with gold and silver being the most popular. We also offer fake septum rings, so you can try them out and see if you achieve the results you want.

If others like it, this is a sign that you should do piercings.

The items we offer are extensive. You can search easily by popular items, price, or sort by size. We recommend that you sort by size first and filter those results based on other factors. The good news is your hole isn’t going to close with all the many septum rings available to buy.

With so many categories available, it can be hard to pick a single ring. With Teegono, you can filter your shopping experience and search for exactly what you need. Whether it’s gold or silver, 9 or 10mm, or something bigger, we’ve got you covered.

You’re so close to finding the right items for your needs. Add to cart effortlessly to store all of your choices. Even if you don’t want to buy them all right now, the cart can hold all of your options until you’re ready.

We also make it easy to create an account. With so much jewelry to search through, it’s a good idea to do this right away. When you add to cart, they stay there until you’re ready.

With free shipping, you don’t have to worry about raising the price. This is a top reason we’re so popular. Once you add to cart, you’re going to jump at the chance to scoop up the deal of not paying to have it shipped to you.

The Rings

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing products on offer. With three categories to choose from, you’re sure to find a sign of what is right for you. New products are always coming in, so consider shopping all the time. Your hole is never going to close, and you’re going to look amazing.

Rings for the Septum

Before you add to cart, it’s important to learn a bit about the different options. Here are some of our most popular styles at Teegono:


The cross ring features an original design, and it’s created from silver sterling. We give it a handmade touch from the 3D printing technology used. You can choose a gold plating if you prefer. Add to cart now and see estimated arrival times and costs based on the material selected.


The Crow is another popular choice. You can choose gold or another color, and the price paid is based on the material you want. In a sense, it’s just a triangle coming down with four ‘balls’ along the frame. Add to cart to make sure it gets to you quickly!

Double Arc

Those who want something simple to add to cart should search for the Double Arc. In a sense, it’s just a ring over a ring, and it looks unique and fun. You’re going to impress your friends with this option! It comes in gold and silver, too!

I I I Ring

Who doesn’t want three posts coming from their nose? Your cart is going to get excited when it’s added. Plus, it comes in white gold or regular gold to really impress everyone. It’s possible to make a statement with this piece.


If you want something simple yet powerful, search for the Midball. The white/silver style looks great, but it also comes in different shades. You’re going to have full support from us, and the purchase is completely secure!

Faux Rings

Faux rings are a great idea if you think you may want to get pierced but don’t want to do it yet. This gives you time to decide, or you might consider using only faux rings. No one has to know the difference, and you’re going to feel cool and mysterious.


The Star features a unique shape that you just can’t achieve with anything else. Add to cart now once you’ve chosen the right material. It only comes in a single size, but it’s going to look great hanging from the nostrils!


Who wants to be a little wild? This white/silver design doesn’t require a piercing, so you can easily put it in your nostrils without fear of it falling out. There is a horizontal post right under the ring with a vertical post coming down from the middle and another horizontal post across that. Put it in your cart right away and have it within 21 business days!


Though geared mainly toward men, the mustache ring is incredibly exciting, and many guys like it. Girls who dare to be different can also use this as an attention-getter. If you can’t grow a ‘stash yourself or don’t like it, this is the perfect alternative!

Double V2

Fill up your cart with something exotic and exciting. The Double V2 is unique because there’s the regular ring, but you also have two more coming from it. Teegono only features original and distinctive styles here. It’s a guarantee that you’re going to be the only person with this ring unless they also shop with us. In fact, you should buy it now so that you have it delivered in up to 21 business days.


Whether you’ve got your septum pierced or not, you can still have the cross. It’s our most popular design, so it stands to reason that it’s available to everyone. Our website and Etsy shop are both secure, so you can feel comfortable shopping with us! Add to cart today!

How to Find the Right Size

The size ring you require is based on different factors. The most common size is 16-gauge, which is about 1.2mm thick. However, the piercer might have chosen a different size based on your anatomy. Though 16G is the starter size, some people decide to go a size down (18 gauge or 1.0mm thick) or a size up to 14-gauge or 1.6mm thick.

There’s no one-size-fits-all scenario when it comes to nose jewelry and piercings for the inner diameter of your nostrils. It’s important to learn how to measure the size of the jewelry by using another piece that fits well. You can also discuss size when you talk to the piercer to make sure that you obtain the size ring you want. Remember, the size of the ring isn’t based on how big/small your nose is!

How to Start

With just these three categories, you’re sure to find what you want. You can sort by size and many other popular options. We make it easy to sign in to your account and search. When you’re ready, just add to cart and experience the joy of knowing your items are on the way. Jewelry is a fun thing for everyone, and you receive free shipping, too!

We’re here to help with your orders or if you can’t sign in to your account. Let us know if you’ve got an issue, and we’re going to assist you quickly and professionally.

Remember, new jewelry comes in all the time, so expect your cart to be full. Orders are processed swiftly so that your nose always has something beautiful hanging from it. The price you pay is based on where you live, so any taxes are added later.

If you’re not ready to create an account and see all the popular gold jewelry, you can still search for things and don’t have to add to cart. You can also join our newsletter to get information about different products and price information. We also explain size and ensure that you understand what size nose ring you require.

Get your search on and find the right size for the best price.

You can also check our ETSY store.