Septum Piercing 2023 Collection

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About our septum piercing and nose rings

Silver septum rings are actually the most common earrings available on the market. Here at TEEGONO you will find a wide variety of silver septum rings nose rings and nose studs Quality products from the highest level of raw materials that can be purchased. All our brand talks about is about the uniqueness and suitability of your septum piercing to your personality. 

Needless to say, all septum rings, nose rings and nose studs are handcrafted one by one. Each product is carefully created in a long and complex process that ultimately aims to provide you with the best. Beyond the fact that we like to create septum rings we also like to give the best service we can give for you in order for you to be satisfied and happy with your order.

About the process of creating our septum piercing & nose rings

Each septum ring and nose ring are formed in a complex and unique process with several stages. The product is first printed with 3D technology to a shape of a stencil. Step Two Casting the material the customer is requesting (silver or pure gold) into the stencil. After casting, the product undergoes manual polishing and hand contact treatment. It is cleaned and disinfected, and the product is prepared in the most accurate way from the best materials available.

About gauge / size of our septum piercing & nose rings

We know that each customer is an individual in his own right and has his own size, so at TEEGONO we offer the selection of septum rings and nose rings sizes available on the market, such as 18G 16G which are the most common sizes, but there is always the option to request a custom size

Why choose TEGGONO nose rings

TEEGONO offer a large selection of quality products just for you. Our products are UNISEX so there is no category for men or women. We use the best raw materials the market has to offer. Fast service with response within 24 hours. It is possible to purchase gift cards for your loved ones

We do not disappoint our customers and our goal is for you to be satisfied above all

The story of TEEGONO in a nutshell

TEEGONO is a jewelry and fashion company that was established in 2017. Since then we have been producing jewelry and septums for the general public in a variety of styles. Our passion is to provide the best product and give our customers the best in terms of quality and service. Our first store was established in ETSY and since then the company has continued to grow and provide a wide inventory of jewelry to all our customers who are scattered around the world.

Why Choose Teegono 

There are main reasons why people decide to shop Teegono. However, the most prevalent reason is that we understand the need for a piercing. We know that piercings cost money, which is why you need to ensure that you have good-quality jewelry to ensure these piercings remain in good condition. 

We are piercing lovers and enthusiasts, which means that we understand the needs of those who have a septum nose piercing and cater to these needs with the right jewelry. It’s for this reason that you only have positive results when using our jewelry. Gone are the days that you need to spend tons of money on expensive jewelry to ensure that your piercing stays healthy. Our price is right, and our quality is extraordinary. 

We would be happy if you join the TEGGONO family and enjoy a selection of septums especially for your style.