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📏 Gauge size guide ( septum thickness)

To judge sizes against your current septum piercing sizes, use the circles

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diameter size guide ( septum inner size)

To get an idea of your dimension, make sure you line the circles below with your septum piercing sizes inside.

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septum piercing size guide

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If you’re hoping to buy your jewelry online, it’s important to understand the size of the nose ring you require based on your piercing. There are many considerations to think about for your septum piercing sizes.

To purchase a septum ring that fits your piercing correctly, you’ve got to know the gauge you wear and which inner diameter works best for you. The gauge refers to the thickness of the jewelry, while the inner diameter is the vertical measurement taken in a straight line. It goes from one inside edge of the nostril to the other. Typically, your anatomy would change the inner diameter, so a longer nose might have a shorter one. The gauge is often written as 16G or 16-gauge.

The inner diameter of your piercing could be shown in inches or millimeters, depending on where you shop. For example, you could see a listing as 5/16″ or 8mm. You’ve also got to take the design’s size into consideration. Some of them can take up part of that inner diameter, and this is extremely important to know as it can affect the way your nose ring fits within your piercing. Other pieces of jewelry could just be too big to fit your aesthetic or personal preferences because the design allows it to hang low and touch the upper lip.

Teegono offers many jewelry styles in silver, gold, and different diameters. Go for a larger product, such as the Triple Arc Triangle Septum, for a bold statement, or consider the Unique Septum Ring if you prefer something a little smaller and more sedate.

What Size of Septum Ring Do You Normally Get Pierced With?

The most common gauge for a septum piercing is 16G or 16-gauge. However, the piercer you choose may go up or down in sizes based on your anatomy and preferences. While 16G is often the starter gauge, some people go a size down (18 gauge) or a size up to 14G. Remember, nose rings have sizes referring to the thickness of the sterling silver or gold material and how they’re going to fit. Make sure you talk to the piercer to determine which gauge is right for you.

What’s the Standard Size for a Septum Ring Piercing sizes?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all option when it comes to the inner diameter and septum piercing. Jewelry comes in various shapes and sizes. You’re going to have to measure your piercing. The easiest way to do that is to take an existing piece of jewelry to measure, ensuring that it fits well. Another common option is to ask the piercer for help so that you’re buying the right diameter rings.

Since your nose anatomy makes a difference in the diameter of rings you need, it’s important to focus on this aspect. Remember, the inner diameter you choose to wear depends on where the piercing is placed. You can’t base the diameter on the smallness of your nose. That’s not going to end well.

This chart shows you how different the sizes can be. You’ve got 12mm to 8mm, and they’re all the same at 16G.

How to Measure a Septum Piercing

While having a piercer help you get the right fit for your nose piercing is ideal, it’s possible to measure the piercing jewelry at home with a ruler and piece of paper. Depending on your needs, you can cut paper into a small strip, line it with the bottom of your piercing hole, and mark it with a pen or marker. Do this at the edge of the nose. Also, measure that marked portion with a ruler using millimeters to find the smallest inner diameter that’s comfortable for you to wear. Standard septum piercing sizes are sure to be right for you, but you may prefer larger nose rings for various purposes.

If you choose to measure this way, we recommend measuring multiple times to ensure that you’re getting the same size and measurement each time.

What Is My Septum Piercing Gauge?

If you’re not sure about piercing jewelry sizes, it could be better to ask the piercer what they recommend. Depending on your anatomy, the standard size is often chosen. These rings all have standard sizes, so if you get an 8mm from one company, it should be the same from another. With Teegono, we add a handcrafted touch to each piece, but all of our nose rings have the same thickness.

The gauge you choose just refers to the jewelry thickness. You’re going to require an existing piece of jewelry to help you find out the sizing aspects. You can’t measure and find the right gauge to wear based solely on the hole.

Remember, the gauge is crucial to know because it’s possible to damage piercings if you force jewelry through the hole when it’s too thick to go through. You could also downside the piercings if you purchase jewelry with a smaller gauge.

Sometimes, you may forget what the septum was originally pierced with. This happens frequently, so it’s important to ask the piercer. It’s standard for them to keep records on piercings, so they can tell you if you had 16-gauge or something else. Your body is going to thank you because it’s going to get the right size for the rings. Plus, you’re going to feel more confident when buying jewelry since you know the sizes you need.

You can’t measure jewelry gauge with a ruler and expect it to be accurate. However, a gauge card can be used in a pinch to compare the current piece to if you’ve got one from a previous purchase of body jewelry. However, this is only accurate if the card graphics were the right size.

If you’d like to take the measurement at home, it’s possible to use a micrometer or caliper. The bottom jaws of a caliper are often used for outside measurements, so ensure that you’re not forcing the clamp down on the jewelry.

On a related note, you may want to consider this chart to help you choose the most appropriate piercing size for your body. Piercings don’t often change unless you do so on purpose. It’s possible to stretch the size from its standard position, depending on the sizes you chose initially. We recommend rings that are 16-gauge, as this is the standard option for the nose. However, if you’re stretching the piercing, there are many ways to safely do it, and you may need to consider a 14G option.

The good news is that you’ve got many choices from Teegono. Sterling silver is the most popular option, and we’ve got many products available, such as the Flower. Your piercing is going to look great with this, or you can choose something a little smaller, such as the Midball.

How to Measure a Septum Ring’s Diameter

The piercing itself is not measured, as the hole is likely to change with time. Therefore, the rings are measured with the inner diameter. Depending on the type of piercing you choose, the inner diameter is often measured with a straight and vertical line inside the piercing and with the jewelry. For example, regular hoop nose rings don’t use that option. This is likely because septum rings aren’t fully rounded like the other option. Therefore, the diameter that fits you is more dependent on how far the piercing goes into the nose instead of the width between your nostrils.

It’s always a good idea to focus on the piercing size and note any changes. Standard sizes of jewelry are often easier to figure out sizing needs. Plus, if you already have one that fits the piercing, you can use a millimeter ruler or digital caliper to check. The goal is for the piercing not to close up. The product you choose should fit comfortably inside and outside. Typically, 16G is used, but 14G is another option. You can search our shop to find the right product for you. We’ve got different options, and some of them are larger. You can view the chart to find out different sizes for your piercing to help.

Should a Septum Ring Be Very Tight in the Piercing?

Depending on your preferences and piercing, no, the hoop or barbell you choose shouldn’t have that close of a fit. It can be quite uncomfortable to wear all day, and the goal is to keep the hole open with the jewelry, so it doesn’t close.

We understand that there are various information options out there, so your search for the right sizes can be problematic. Though 14G and 16G items are very popular, the larger choice might not be ideal for you. While not much can be done if you’ve already got the piercing and don’t want to change it, you don’t need it to be tight.

A looser fit for your silver barbell is better than one that puts pressure on the piercing. Make sure that if you’re between sizes, you round up to the next-up whole number. Always do that, and you’re never going to do damage to your piercing by choosing the wrong standard gauge. From this chart, you can see the different styles. Though barbells aren’t depicted, you can easily see the options available. This is going to help you search for information and products that you want.

What Jewelry Type Is Often Used for Septum Piercings?

Most people choose a circular barbell with balls on each end for their body. They can be gold or silver, but you need to think about the styling and your preference. Standard piercings can also include clickers and D-rings. This chart shows the many options and styles to achieve your look.

While common sizes are used, your body might be a little different. We make sure to utilize standard sizes, and some of them are gold and silver. Your anatomy is also going to come into play here. The most important thing is to ensure that the hole doesn’t close. Please search our Etsy shop or website to find what is going to be most suitable for you. We’ve got many options, including some 14G.

What’s the Best Metal to Choose from a Septum Ring sizes?

In your search for the right septum piercing sizes, consider the metal. Gold and sterling silver are popular, but titanium and niobium are also good.

Whether you like 14G or another gauge, we’ve got standard jewelry sizes. You can search for a barbell style. Remember, gauge is only part of it, and the jewelry you choose is important for aesthetics and more for septum piercing sizes you can see the whole septum piercing images on our Pinterest profile.