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III Septum Piercing

The iii septum piercing jewelry features a unique shape that you simply can’t gain from any other type of body jewelry. After deciding the right material (we highly recommend stainless steel), you can add this to your cart for a more personalized look to your septum accessory collection. In addition to this,

you can also enjoy our TEEGONO free shipping when purchasing this item.

  • Unisex item
  • This item is 100% original design.
  • Created from real silver sterling or gold.
  • Created from a unique combination of 3D printing technology and handmade care.

if you familiar with ETSY platform you can checkout iii septum piercing here

Available also in:
Fake Septum Piercing / Clicker Septum Piercing

N O T E :

  • please make sure you rotate the earring sideways and not upwards to maintain the angle of the septum ring.

I N F O R M A T I O N :

• If you’re missing some information or need any advice, Feel free to contact us. Your satisfaction means much to us.

• Cleaning your mustache septum piercing: With a professional jewelry cleaning product. If not available, carefully use warm water with gentle soap.

Additional information

Weight N/A

Silver, Gold, Rose Gold

Diameter (inner size)

10mm – 3/8 Inch, 11mm – 7/16 Inch, 9mm – 5/16 Inch

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  1. Jenna

    Thanks for the septum😍
    Got my gold one ☝️

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