Silver Septum Rings

Septum rings have been a trend over the years and it is not stopping anytime soon. Well, this is because improvements are coming up alongside new styles. As regards this, Teegono is offering you a chance to discover and shop amazing silver Septum rings. We have a wide collection that you would love to pick from.

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Uniqueness With Silver Septum Rings

A lot of people believe that Silver septum rings are traditional. That’s not entirely false tho. However, the fact that it is traditional does not mean it has to be boring. There are so many beautiful silver septum rings that would just take your breath away. Teegono as a brand seeks to make people look and feel unique when they wear septum rings. This is why we go out of our way to get you the very best. Every piece of our silver septum ring is handmade and well crafted to make it look personalized and unique. We cherish customer satisfaction and in this light, your satisfaction is our greatest priority.

When We Say Silver, It is SILVER!

A lot of brands out there will probably tell you they make and sell silver septum rings. It could be true or it could be false. One needs to be very careful, however, so that your purchase silver that is truly silver. This is because synthetic metals and the likes of it are not healthy to wear on the septum. It could lead to contaminations and infections which could make you quit wearing septum rings. The septum rings may be beautifully designed that you may not know that you’re buying the wrong one. Here at Teegono, as a part of our customer satisfaction, we look out for you and your health too. This is exactly why we give you silver. We use high-quality and pure sterling silver to make our silver septum rings.

We also appreciate feedback and reviews to let our other prospective customers know that we sell only the right products to them. Whenever you shop our silver septum rings, we want you to be assured that your piercing and nose are safe with us.

Why Choose Our Silver Septum Rings?

We love seeing people look happy with their facial piercings and adornments.  Our silver septum rings are a special type because they are very versatile. Fashion, as you know, keeps evolving to fit in into the changing times. However, our rings can be used in any context and style. They are very stylish yet classic too and can be worn for any event and suit all styles. There is a lot for you to select from that will turn heads wherever you go. It doesn’t also matter what kind of makeup you put on, accessories or outfits, our silver septum rings will blend it.  Here are all the benefits of choosing Teegono silver septum rings:

  • They are unisex: Our rings are made for both genders and so, males and females alike can wear them.
  • We use high-quality materials: We use only real silver sterling material to ensure that it is safe for your health and use too.
  • Full support: There’s always a 24/7 support from our team when seeking to purchase our products. If you have any inquiries, difficulties or questions, you could always reach out to us and we’d help you out.
  • Free Shipping: And yes, we offer free shipping to any part of the world when you purchase our silver septum rings. This is done with a tracking code sent to your mail.
  • 3D Printing Technology: We make all our rings with 3D printing technology. This makes them beautiful and comfortable on the septum.
  • Available in all sizes: Size is not a problem for us as we have small silver septum rings, medium and large. These sizes are available in every style so you won’t have difficulty selecting what you want. 

We are not trying to be biased by putting out this list. In as much as all of our products are making waves, we know which silver septum rings are the hottest and best sellers. Here they are:

Check out all our silver septum rings and select from our 2020 Collection!

More Than Just A Sales Pitch

This article is more than a sales pitch. Although we want you to be a regular customer, we are assuring you that we choose quality over quantity. We want you to note and see how amazing our silver septum rings are and decide to shop with us. You may have had a bad experience from other silver septum ring vendors. You’re in the right place now as Teegono will erase those bad memories by giving you quality septum rings. We are unique and produce 100% legit silver septum rings.

Q & A

Q: Are silver septum rings safe to wear?

A: Silver septum rings are completely safe to wear if they are made from the right raw materials. At Teegono, we put the health of our customers into consideration and proceed to make our rings with pure sterling silver.

Another fun fact – as septum rings makers, each person on our team proudly wears our own rings, we know what septum rings should look and feel like

Q: Can a male purchase your silver septum rings?

A: Our Silver septum rings are made for any sex and gender. You can wear as a male and also a female.

if you need any help by choosing a ring that fits your gender please don’t hesitate and contact us! 

Q: Where do you deliver to?

A: We deliver our silver septum rings to any part of the world and it is free, fast and secure shipping too!

In Summary

Facial jewelry is a great adornment and you can look more classy by purchasing a silver septum ring from us. They fit in all contexts, styles, and outfits.