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If you need high-quality Septum Piercing made with the best of materials out there, then Teegono is your best choice, as no other brand offers the amazing quality and service we do…

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Teegono: The Best Place for High -Quality Septum Piercing

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Clickers and Septum Jewelry Fit For a King or Queen 

We have made our website incredibly easy for those who are looking for septum accessories. This is because you have three different categories to choose from and sort through. Not to mention, our shipping process is efficient and straightforward. We do this because we want to offer you a peaceful shopping experience. 

After selecting the accessories you would like to purchase, you can quickly sign in to or create an account and start checking out. Our customer service is exceptional, so if you have any problems, you can drop us a quick email before some assistance. 

The price of septum accessories is unnecessarily high, especially when you want popular and high-quality designs. It’s for this reason that we offer incredibly reasonable prices on these popular clickers and accessories. 

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The Septum Piercing You Should Add to Cart Today!

At Teegono, our goal is to ensure that we offer products that fit a wide range of preferences and styles. We do this because we understand that piercings, and mainly septum piercings are a form of expression of your personal style. We want to offer designs that fit the style you wish to present. That’s why we have many different designs that can add some extra spice to any look. 

Before you add body jewelry septum rings to your Teegono cart, you should first understand the different options that we offer our customers. Here are some of our best-sellers: 

The Star 

The star septum jewelry features a unique shape that you simply can’t gain from any other type of body jewelry. After deciding the right material (we highly recommend stainless steel), you can add this to your cart for a more personalized look to your septum accessory collection. In addition to this, you can also enjoy our Teegono free shipping when purchasing this item. 

The Midball 

The Midball is the perfect piece of septum jewelry for those who are looking for something simple that still makes a statement. Many people don’t think they should add the Midball to their shopping cart because it’s too simple. However, we offer different shades to help you set the right tone, which makes this add-to-cart worthy. Subscribe to our email mailing list to gain access to special promotions. 

The Cross 

The cross accessory for a septum piercing features an original design, which makes it add-to-cart worthy. It’s designed with stainless steel, but you can choose silver sterling instead. We also offer a handmade touch with the inclusion of 3D printing technology in the design. Additionally, you can again go for a gold-plating finish. You also gain free shipping when purchasing this piece of jewelry for a septum piercing. 

The Double Arc

If you’re searching for something simple to add to cart, the double arc might be the right piece of jewelry for you. It’s designed explicitly for a septum piercing and looks like a ring over a ring. It’s known for being fun and unique, and something different from other septum rings on the market. Order it now in any size. 

The Crow

The crow is another of our best-selling products currently available. This jewelry perfectly fits a septum ring and is available in many different colors. You can shop these items and gain free shipping when you add to cart. Not to mention, the price is also reasonable considering it comes with four ‘balls’ and a frame. 

III Ring

Do you want to really make a statement? When the III Ring is the right accessory for your septum. You have the option to choose between regular and white gold, which only adds to this accessory’s appeal. Search for it now or subscribe to our email mailing list for more offers. 

Faux Rings 

Not ready to commit to a needle going through your septum? You don’t need to fear. We understand that you might like the look but don’t handle pain too well. If this sounds like you, then we have the right septum clickers for you. Our faux septum ring products are high-quality and look like the real things. Thus, you can get the look without committing to it. 

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Why Choose Teegono 

There are main reasons why people decide to shop Teegono. However, the most prevalent reason is that we understand the need for a piercing. We know that piercings cost money, which is why you need to ensure that you have good-quality jewelry to ensure these piercings remain in good condition. 

We are piercing lovers and enthusiasts, which means that we understand the needs of those who have a septum piercing and cater to these needs with the right jewelry. It’s for this reason that you only have positive results when using our jewelry. Gone are the days that you need to spend tons of money on expensive jewelry to ensure that your piercing stays healthy. Our price is right, and our quality is extraordinary. 

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Your One-Stop Shop for Body Jewelry 

When looking at piercing products, an essential element that needs to be considered is the size of the rings you wish to place in your piercing. This is important, as something too big can cause much pain to the individual when trying to get it in and much irritation to the site of the piercing. 

The size of your rings depends on a variety of factors. However, the most popular size for septum rings is a 16-gauge. This is around 1.2 mm thick. With that being said, the piercer who gave you this septum piercing might have chosen a different size to align with your body’s anatomy. 

With that being said, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to septum rings. However, you can learn to measure your jewelry size by using the existing ring in your septum piercing. Additionally, you can also speak to a piercer about the preferred size of your piercing to ensure you get the right sizes when shipping these items. 

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