Do Septum Piercings Hurt? Everything You Should Know about Them

Do Septum Piercings Hurt? Everything You Should Know about Them While they were only seen on punk stars a few years ago, septum piercings are now quite popular among the most stylish celebrities. Hollywood stars such as Bella Thorne, Chloë Graze Moretz, Willow Smith, Zoë Kravitz, Rihanna, and Zendaya have been spotted wearing either fake […]

How to Clean Septum Piercing Throughout the Healing Process

how to clean septum piercing

If you want to learn how to clean septum piercing, this blog is for you. Generally, a septum piercing sits between the two nostrils, so it takes up a lot of real estate on your face. It’s a form of self-expression that many people choose to wear because it gives them confidence and helps them […]

How Much Does a Septum Piercing Cost? Everything You Need to Know

How Much Does a Septum Piercing Cost?

Most people aren’t really aware how much does a septum piercing cost. the septum piercing prices aren’t necessarily as straightforward as they should be. You might only think about getting a stainless steel ring, but you decide while you’re at the studio to go with something else, which raises the cost of your septum piercing. […]

New | Create Your Own Piercing Septum

the best piercing septum

Create Your Own piercing septum Do You Want To Create Your Own piercing septum? Many customers like to take part in the creation process and offer lots of beautiful ideas for piercing septum. Here at TEEGONO you can create the jewel you have always dreamed of. Our Jewelry Department will do their best to give […]

Learn | Our 3d Nose Jewelry Printing Process

silver septum rings and nose jewelry

Take a peek inside our Septum Nose Jewelry 3D printing process Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on whatsapp Share on pinterest Learn | How Teegono Create a Nose Jewelry? To begin, we must acknowledge that 3D printing is only possible because of 3D modeling. You can’t make it without a […]