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When Can I Change My Nose Piercing? Nose piercing is the longest-standing form of piercing done utilizing specific equipment. In most cultures worldwide, nose piercing is followed as part of culture or tradition. According to the wearer’s choice, the piercing can be performed at the curve of the ring of the nostril, and the most usually selected part is the curve of one of the nostrils. This can be accomplished anywhere along the nostril or through the septum. Some also choose the base of the nose between the two nostrils. Nose piercing is performed with the support of less flexible cartilages with less blood supply.

Nose Piercing Process

A piercing gun or needle can be utilized for the process, and make sure that the piercing is done by a professional. Try to keep away from using guns for nose piercing because it has a high chance of transmitting body fluid-borne illnesses. If the guns utilized for body piercing aren’t sterilized, this can increase the risk. The equipment and the jewelry must be sterilized.

Nose Piercing Healing Period 

When Can I Change My Nose Piercing? On average, the healing time for nose piercing takes about 4 to 6 months. The exact period will depend on factors like aftercare, type of jewelry, immunity as well as piercing spot. There are phases of healing with diverse duration as well as symptoms, such as: 

How and When Can I Change My Nose Piercing?

Inflammatory Period 

It takes account of the initial days/week when the nose hurts, bleeds and swells. After this phase, the pierced tissue begins healing and is sensitive to touch. A bit elevated body temperature is a usual sign or symptom. 

Proliferation Period 

when can i change my nose stud to a ring? This stage lasts for the next couple of weeks. During this phase, skin cells increase fast and create a fistula around the nose ring. The swelling, redness as well as discharge reduce as time goes on.

Maturation Period When Changing a Nose Piercing

In the maturation period, the piercing will fully heal. This stage happens after six months. This is the time when you can remove or replace the ring. Usually, there is no discharge, swelling as well as pain. Routine rinsing using the saline solution is the only recommended daily care.

The healing period will differ depending on the part of the nose where the ring is placed:

Nostril Piercing: Usually, the nostril heals for about four months; it depends on a gauge thickness. Once you settle on a thin ring, the nose will heal faster.

Septum and Bridge Piercing: If you do not want to wait months to health the pierce, pick between the septum and a bridge piercing. This allows you to change the jewelry after 8 to 10 weeks.

Rhino Piercing: This part of the nose heals slowly. It takes nine months before the thick tissue totally recovers.

Nasalling Piercing: This kind of piercing goes in both the septum and nostrils. It heals for six months or more. Moreover, you must change the ring yourself but let the expert do that sensitive job.

When Can I Change My Nose Piercing and how ?

When Can I Change My Nose Piercing?

When Can I Change My Nose Piercing? This question is common to those who are new to nose piercing. You have had a nose pierced for a couple of weeks, and that original jewelry is beginning to look boring. You want to change it with a new and unique design, but you are not sure how to without causing issues like infections.

Changing a nose ring after a few days or weeks of piercing is risky. Below is vital information on how long you need to wait prior to changing the jewelry.

On the other hand, prior to switching out a nose piercing, first and foremost, you need to ensure that it is totally healed. Usually, a nostril piercing takes two to three months to heal adequately enough for the stud to be eliminated. If you are confident the piercing is already healed, you can go on and change out the stud. 

Sadly, nose piercing takes longer to heal compared to other types of piercing. The main reason behind this is something to do with the circulatory system; there is much blood flowing into the nostril cartilage, which makes healing longer. 

If you decide to have pierced on the septum, it will heal fast, just about six to eight weeks. 

Aftercare after replacing a nose piercing

can i change my nose piercing after 6 weeks? It is vital to follow an aftercare routine to avoid infection and, at the same time, speed up the recovery time. 

If you have not been practicing good aftercare, you may be looking at a long average healing period. 

The Appearance of the nose piercing

When can I change my nose piercing? If the standard healing period has passed, check the piercing. When it appears like the skin is back to its normal condition, maybe you are reading to swap your nose ring. 

If there’s tenderness, swelling, redness, or other types of discoloration or a discharge from the nose piercing, leave it alone for a couple of weeks. Those are symptoms that it has not finished healing. If you notice any of the signs mentioned and they are not improving even after a couple of weeks, it is highly advisable to visit a doctor to treat the infection, if there is. 

You need to be extra when going by look alone; piercings can look totally healed on the exterior even when they have not finished healing inside. 


how do i know my nose piercing is healed? If you are allergic to the material your jewelry is made of, expect of long healing time. Essentially, your system will try to heal the part while it is also battling pain from the allergen. 

If the healing process takes longer than anticipated, or if you are suffering complications, ask the piercer about swapping to jewelry made of other materials. 

Get Advice from the Expert about – “When can I change my nose piercing?

If you want to ensure that the piercing is totally healed, you can ask the piercing to check it out. They can tell you if you are ready to change out the jewelry or have to leave it for a few months. 

If you have been pierced at a jewelry shop or mall kiosk, it is still advisable to see an expert pierced when you have concerns or questions. They may not have done your nose piercing, but a lot will be more than willing to provide support and assistance, most particularly if you purchase a new stud from them. 

Replacing your Nose Ring 

When can I change my nose piercing? A lot of piercers suggest not removing the nose ring during the healing phase. In most conditions, you must not change the stud for two months or less. 

Sometimes the piercing might visually look totally healed, but you still feel pain if attempting to remove the ring. So, 1 or 2 weeks can make a big difference in this situation. Early removal of the ring might result in tissue rupture, irritation as well as scarring. 

So, be ready to wait for a week if you feel discomfort or pain or if the ring is sticking to the tissue. You can go to the pierce and ask about replacing the stud. 

When can I change my nose piercing? If you are certain it’s the right time to change a nose ring, the right sterilization must be followed. Soak the new stud in alcohol for at least five minutes, and rinse well with water prior to putting it on. 

What are the Risks When Changing and Taking Out a Nose Ring?

When can I change my nose piercing? can i change my nose piercing after 2 months? The piercing is a vulnerable and sensitive part while it is still in the healing process. Taking the ring too soon puts you at risk of swelling or infection. This can also become torn, swollen, and bleed. 

Even if the piercing is healed, you still have to be careful. At first, it will be right. Therefore, you have to be cautious when easing the stud in. Avoid pushing the jewelry when it does not fit comfortably because it can lead to tearing. You will have the same issue when you try to insert the stud of the incorrect gauge. 

Taking out and changing the nose ring without ensuring that your jewelry and hands are clean can lead to infection. So, you need to be aware of this.

How to Change a Nose Piercing: Steps to Follow 

When can I change my nose piercing? If the piercing has completed healing, it is finally time to change the old stud. You can do this by following the steps below:

Clean Hands Properly: Avoid skipping this step, or the piercing may become infected. If drying your hand, ensure to utilize a paper towel instead of the used towel, which might contain germs. 

Remove the Current Jewelry: There are many kinds of nose rings, but many piercings that start you off can be eased out easily by slowly and gently pulling them. 

Ensure the Nose Piercing is clean

Eliminate the bead on the new ring: Carefully and gently slide the thinnest end of the stud into the piercing; proceed gradually and stop if you feel any pain. 

Close the stud:

  1. Consult an expert pierce when you experience any complications or issues.
  2. Never force a piercing, just decide to put up with the pain or overlook injuries or issues when swapping the nose ring.
  3. Get advice from an expert in order to avoid bad things from happening. 
when can i change my nose stud to a ring
Summary about When can I change my nose piercing?

When can I change my nose piercing? when can i change my nose piercing after a month? It must not be intimidating to change a nose ring. If you ensure the piercing is 100% healed prior to proceeding and follow the guides mentioned, you will enjoy your new stud in no time.

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